Here's what you can expect

For all Pathways students, the learning objectives of the scholarly project are to:

  1. Engage in original scholarly work addressing a question in medicine/health, using approaches from a range of scientific or social science fields
  2. Work closely with a faculty mentor on a scholarly project in a partnership that is mutually beneficial
  3. Inspire curiosity, develop critical thinking skills, and identify analytical tools useful for the future physician-scholar
  4. Craft a scientific plan through a written proposal that will be vetted by HMS faculty
  5. Review and reinforce (via quizzes) basic concepts concerning responsible conduct of research and IRB processes
  6. Write a report on one's scholarly work which will be critiqued by HMS faculty 

Some Pathways students will also have the following experiences, depending on the nature of their projects: 

  1. Review and reinforce (via quizzes) basic concepts concerning global health professionalism (for those working on global health projects)
  2. Prepare a submission to local IRB offices on the proposed human subjects or animal research 
  3. Learn statistical tools and analysis techniques through practical experience 
  4. Prepare for the challenges of working and living abroad 
  5. Write a manuscript for publication and learn about publication requirements, processes, and protecting one’s intellectual property 
  6. Identify the assets that communities possess and the challenges that communities face
  7. Interrogate the role of community-based organizations and clinics in building the fabric of the community to improve or promote? people’s health and well-being 
  8. Consider how knowledge of your patients’ community and collaboration with community-based organizations can enhance your ability as a physician to optimize patient health