Scholarly project objectives

OCCME in partnership with the Office of Scholarly Engagement now offers a research pathway for Community Engagement Scholarly Projects. The objectives of the Community Engagement Scholarly Project are:

  • Demonstrate work by the student in partnership with a community, and centering community needs
  • Foster an extended, mutually beneficial partnership between the student, faculty, and community mentors
  • Spark curiosity, develops critical thinking skills, and offer analytical tools for the future physician-scholar

Read the full list of learning objectives.

Need help? Here's guidance for each step of the way.

  • Just getting started?

    • Want to explore a scholarly project created in partnership with a local community-based organization?
    • Interested in building community engagement into your scholarly project?
    • Need to be connected with a mentor?

    Email to set up a time to meet with OCCME faculty, brainstorm, and make connections!

  • Ready to commit?

    • Already connected with a community partner, have an idea, and mentor selected for your scholarly project?
    • Already vetted your idea with a faculty member from the OCCME?
    • Ready to commit to this partnership/project for your HMS scholarly project?

    Download the Letter of Intent Template here, complete it, and submit to 

  • Time to finalize?

    • Finalized a research question for your scholarly project?
    • Identified a community partner and co-created this project with their input and support?
    • Identified both an HMS-affiliated and a community-based mentor?
    • Had an LOI and draft proposal reviewed by OCCME faculty?

    Finalize your proposal, include a letter of support from your community partner, and submit it to  for final review.

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